Easy Homemade Beef Stew is a comforting and hearty meal that’s perfect for any night of the week. This recipe features tender chunks of beef, carrots, potatoes, and onions in a savory beef broth that’s easy to make and perfect for cold weather.

To make this dish, start by browning chunks of beef in a large pot, then add onions and garlic for flavor. Add beef broth, diced tomatoes, and a mix of vegetables such as carrots, celery, and potatoes. Let the stew simmer until the vegetables are tender and the flavors are fully developed.

This Easy Homemade Beef Stew recipe is easy to make and a crowd-pleaser at any gathering. It’s a delicious and filling stew that’s perfect for a cozy and comforting meal. Serve it with some crusty bread or crackers for an extra touch of warmth and comfort. Enjoy this classic dish that’s sure to become a family favorite!


– 2 lbs Beef Chuck Roast cut into 2-inch chunks, excess fat removed

– 1 Tsp Kosher Salt

– ½ Tsp Coarsely Ground Black Pepper

– 2 Tbsp Gluten-free All-Purpose Flour or Whole Wheat for non-gluten

– 2 Tbsp Olive Oil

– ½ Yellow Onion Chopped Large

– 4 Garlic Cloves minced

1 Large Carrot or two small-medium, cut into 2-inch chunks

– 2 Yukon Gold Potatoes diced into 2-inch pieces

– 2 Cups Beef Broth

– ¼ Cup Tomato Paste

– 1 Tbsp Worcestershire Sauce

– 1 Bay Leaves

– 2 Tsp Fresh Thyme Leaves to garnish

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– Preheat oven to 325° F degrees.

– Season the beef chunks on all sides with salt and pepper. Sprinkle the flour over and toss the seasoned beef to coat it on all sides

– Heat the olive oil in a large Dutch oven over medium heat. Brown the beef in batches, on all sides, for 3-4 minutes per batch. Don’t worry about cooking the beef all the way through at this stage. Transfer the browned beef to a plate and set aside.

– Add the onions, garlic, and carrots to the Dutch oven, and cook, stirring occasionally, for 2-3 minutes, or until slightly browned.

– Add the potatoes, beef broth, tomato paste, bay leaf, thyme, and Worcestershire sauce, and use a wooden spoon to scrape the browned bits from the bottom of the pot.

– Bring the mixture to a simmer, stirring, and return the beef to the pot. Cover the Dutch oven, and transfer to the preheated oven

– Cook the stew for 2-2.5 hours, or until the beef is very tender. Remove the bay leaf. Taste the stew and season with additional salt and pepper, if necessary. Serve warm.