I were given a brand new solid iron skillet at Walmart the opposite day and used it to cook this chook in it for the primary time. A manner to interrupt into a brand new kitchen gadget. I noticed the brand new line of kitchen merchandise from Pioneer Woman and certainly considered one among them turned into a solid iron skillet. I turned into definitely thinking among the resort (which turned into advocated via way of means of Alton Brown) or the only owned via way of means of a Pioneer Woman. I determined to select a motel due to the fact I’ve used it earlier than. This chook turned into delicious. You cannot cross incorrect with honey, garlic, soy sauce, and a bit ketchup to season it. Once the chook is cooked through, maintain spooning the marinade from the lowest of the pan over the chook for extra flavor. That’s what she said! 😉
Caramelized Chicken:
* ingredients:
° 6 chicken portions (drumsticks, drumsticks, etc.) or shredded chicken
° 2 tablespoons of honey
° 2 tablespoons of soy sauce
° 3 anise
2 cloves
° 1 tablespoon of lemon juice
5 cl of peanut oil
° salt, pepper
* to prepare:
Place the chicken portions withinside the baking dish and be slightly hollowed out.
Heat the honey over a totally low warmness to liquefy it. Stir with lemon juice, soy sauce and oil.
Sprinkle the chicken portions with the honey combination and toss some times to coat well.
Add the anise and cloves, then salt and pepper.
Mix and marinate for two hours withinside the fridge in plastic wrap
Preheat oven. 6 (180°C). Bake the chicken dish with the dressing. Cook for fifty minutes, brushing the chicken portions, seasoning them very regularly, till nicely caramelized.
Add a dash of water to the dish if the sauce turns caramel too quickly.
Brush the sesame seeds at the chicken simply earlier than serving.
Remove the dish from the oven and serve the chicken with white rice.
Enjoy !