September 29, 2023

* ingredients :

° 1 medium onion
° 2 medium carrots
° 1 cup green peas
° 6 cups of chicken broth.
° Half a liter of heavy cream
° 2 sized chicken breasts
° I used 6 cups of water and 2 chicken broth.
° 1 thyme (teaspoon)
° 2 parsley (teaspoon)
° 4 butter (teaspoon)
Making the dough:
° sprinkle parsley
° 1 baking powder (teaspoon)
° 1 cup flour

* directions :

I didn’t use a bit of salt because I used chicken balls, put the chicken in a 2 liter frying pan and fry in butter until it changes color, remove from heat and set aside, add onions and carrots and fry over low heat, like 3 small pieces then add the peas, now add the chicken broth and half heavy cream until tender over low heat. Now add the flour, baking powder and salt to make the dumplings.
Use the rest of the heavy cream to make the dumplings.
Then add thyme and parsley.
Let it simmer over medium heat for another 20 minutes and then let it simmer over low heat.

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