September 29, 2023
°A pack meatball
°Apples 4
°50 gr. butter
°50 gr. brown sugar
°1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
°1 egg
°Icing sugar
First, we are going to peel the apples, remove the center and cut them into small pieces.
We put the apple in a saucepan, butter and brown sugar.
We will leave it over low heat until the apples are soft, then we will put the cinnamon spoon, we will stir everything well for a few minutes and we will turn off. We let it cool.
We will turn the oven to 180º, we prepare the patties, we put them one by one with the paper they carry on the counter, we will put in the center of each patty a little of the apple filling.
We fold them, close the dumplings, sealing the edges, using a fork.
We take a baking sheet, put parchment paper and put the dumplings on it.
We beat an egg, with a kitchen brush we will paint the dumplings.
We will present them in the oven and we will leave them until they are golden. We will take them out and sprinkle them with icing sugar.
And ready to eat!!!


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